Country Diner

Smokey's Country Diner


561-17th Ave.
East Moline, IL. 

                                                               has been in business going on 40 years. Originally starting in Colona, Illinois in the 70's. Previously located on Rt. 84 as Smokey's Maid-Rite. Gary and Sherry Schmooke sold Smokey's Maid-Rite in 2007. Having seated 250 people - Open 7 days a week, they felt it was time to retire. After 7 months and working for other people and being self employed for 30 years they decided to open a smaller place located in East Moline, Illinois. Formerly  Fredas Kuropeon Tea House, Smokey's Country Diner Emerged - seating 47 people.

The family operation started in 2011. Along with Gary & Sherry, their daughter Rene, grandson Tanner, son-in-law Adam, sister Debbie, niece Tammy and the old time staff from the old Smokey's has brought the magic alive again ! Smokey's Country Diner has been a hit. Providing catering for weddings, funerals, parties and many more events (More Details Listed on our catering page) Gary smokes his ribs, briskets, pulled pork & burnt ends out back on a open cooker. He makes his own mouth watering BBQ sauce. All food at Smokey's is homemade from french fries, biscuits & gravy, hot beef sandwiches, grilled or breaded tenderloins, mac & cheese, potato salad, baked beans and yes the giant dande reubens on homemade raisin or rye bread. (100% corn beef) Breakfast is served anytime.
So welcome to Smokey's Country Diner. We appreciate your business and hope your Smokey's experience is just like eating at grammas !!